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The Herb Amster Center offers high quality training and development programs for organizations in Southeastern Michigan.
We have the wide-ranging experience and passion to help organizations committed to truly serving their employees and clients.

Amster Center training and development programs are customizable to your organization’s processes, needs and goals and fall within four distinct areas.

Cultural Sensitivity & Diversity

As workplaces become more diverse,  having the skills to work with, serve, and support people of different cultures is crucial to your organization’s success.

Health & Wellness

Weaving well-being into the culture of your organization has been proven to  produce profound results for your employees, your clients, and your bottom line.

Teamwork & Leadership

Teamwork fosters  personal growth. Understanding how to resolve conflicts and trust teammates, empowers your team to creates  more impressive, sustainable results.

Executive Coaching

Without a clearly defined leader, team foundation may crumble. Professional coaching is a way for your organization to invest in your leaders’ success.

SOme of our Clients

The Amster Center is proud to train with top companies and leading organizations.

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If you are a business or community leader looking for support, an investor or a volunteer, we would love to be in touch.