Ann Arbor SPARK

Ann Arbor SPARK, “Ann Arbor’s engine for economic development”, is an organization dedicated to the economic prosperity of the greater Ann Arbor region. Their team uses their skills and knowledge to attract, develop, strengthen, and invest in driving industries to help the region thrive. SPARK engages often with businesspeople from China, and in order to better serve these clients, SPARK hired the Amster Center to provide Cultural Sensitivity training.

The group of trainees was diverse, representing team members from multiple areas of their business including Entrepreneurs, Finance & Administration staff, Accountants, Marketers, Executive Assistants and SPARK’s very own VP of Business Development, Skip Simms.

Amster trainers custom designed a three-hour course that provided attendees with practical tools to encourage positive cross-cultural relationships, drawing on the works of the best contemporary theorists in cross cultural communication. Interactive exercises deconstructing stereotypes were particularly valuable. Participants also learned tools to sensitively approach challenges commonplace in multicultural business environments. The feedback for the course was overwhelmingly positive; attendees were extremely engaged throughout the session and asked for more content upon completion of the course.

The Amster Center is proud to have had the opportunity to partner with SPARK, and support the important work this organization does for our community.