Ann Arbor State Bank

Ann Arbor State Bank’s Chief Operating Officer and HR Manager enlisted the Amster Center to provide three training courses to their middle manager and middle officer level staff. The first course, Managing Stress, was so well received that we were brought back in to deliver the content to another group of Bank staff members, the non-officers staff.

The second course we delivered was Communication and Conflict Management. The response was extremely positive; attendees reported they would be able to make positive changes to both their work and personal lives based on their new awareness of the strong connection between stress and communication – and most importantly, the stress management tools we taught.

The final course in this series was Holiday Stress Management & Seasonal Affective Disorder. As joyous as the holiday season can be, it also can come with the potential for extra pressures and stress. Whether religious or secular, holiday celebrations may confer expectations that can be hard to meet. This training was designed to identify for the group common holiday stress triggers and introduce strategies to manage mood and energy. Overall, participants reported enjoying this one-hour course, and one employee reported “I found several things [about this course] helpful, like what stress really truly is and that there could be both good and bad stress, as well as how it affects your body. I also found the information on sleep and relaxation exercises very helpful.” – D. Smith