Bank of Ann Arbor

We are proud to partner with the Bank of Ann Arbor! The Bank implemented a company-wide Wellness Program and complimented the offering with customized curriculum via Amster Center training sessions for all Bank employees.

2015 programming for Bank of Ann Arbor employees has centered on Positive Psychology. Our four-part series lead with an Introduction to Positive Psychology to provide background and core competency in the subject matter. Each participant then completed the VIA Classification of Character Strengths survey to understand their unique constellation of character strengths. Identifying “signature strengths” in oneself and others can enable employees to more strategically approach personal and professional challenges and opportunities. From a management lens, it’s especially useful for supervisors and leaders to understand the strengths of team members. Research shows that two of the most important predictors of employee retention and customer satisfaction are reporting to use signature strengths at work and reporting management recognizes one’s strengths. The final topic of this four-part series addressed resilience, a core concept in Positive Psychology. Cultivating resilience, the ability to succeed and bounce back when coping with challenge or adversity, is universally regarded as an important quality for professionals.

In 2014, we started with a training on Caregiving and Aging, educating about resources available in Washtenaw County, what to expect as a caregiver and tools to utilize as new challenges arise. We switched gears as we dove into Mindfulness in our next training, discussing with trainees how formal and informal mindfulness practices can enhance well-being. The training covered the latest research in mindfulness and introduced employees to simple mindfulness meditation exercises. Our third session, entitled ‘Understanding Anxiety’, kicked off with a simple self-assessment to individualize the experience, taught attendees about normal, safe levels of anxiety, discussed symptoms and triggers of anxiety and of course methods of interrupting anxiety and some simple techniques for relaxation and centering.

“Taking time to fully appreciate and ‘take in’ the moment was
the most valuable part of the program for me.”
– BoAA employee at Mindfulness training

“Having access to someone who knows the availability of services
was extremely valuable to me.”
– BoAA trainee at Caregiving training

“The best part of this program was the conversational tone,
and the explanations with great examples.”
– BoAA trainee at Understanding Anxiety training

Bank of Ann Arbor