Leon Speakers

Leon Speakers became our valued Corporate Partner in 2014. Initially reaching out to JFS to make a donation to the agency’s annual Bernstein Event, when founder Noah Kaplan became aware of the multitude of opportunities available to Corporate Partners, he quickly decided to join the program. This year, after collaborating with Leon’s Engagement Committee, the Amster Center designed and delivered a 3-part series on Stress Management to Leon’s entire company. Our trainer focused the series on understanding stress, and over three weeks touched on External and Internal Stressors and ways to modify them, rituals and habits to improve healthy sleep, exercise and nutrition, and relaxation techniques.

Following the training, Camila Barallio, Account Representative at Leon, has reported: “Thank you so much for doing this with us – I am positive that the training sessions have made their mark on Leon. Following the sessions, I know Joan has quit eating processed sugars, and started exercising 4 x a week and Dave, who ate fast food and sugary drinks every day for lunch, has started eating CLEAN, getting 150 grams of protein a day and lifting weights. I know the sleep hygiene portion really meant a lot to people too. These are just a few big improvements I am seeing. Just proves how important and effective it is continue to further our education and exploration in the work place. Those who learn together grow together!”*

*Staff names have been changed for confidentiality purposes.