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So that we’ll continue to increase the well-being of the entire community, the Amster Center is actively seeking partners for its work. Please contact us now if you’d like to work with us. We’d be happy to explain the many benefits of a partnership with the Center.

You can support us in a number of ways:  

  • Choose us for your organization’s training and development programs
  • Add your talent or trainings to our list
  • Become a corporate partner
  • Become a non-profit partner
  • Lend your name and support
  • Invest your time or money 
  • Contribute your expertise and ideas

You can also help us daily by promoting the Amster Center to your contacts, and by attending Amster Center and Jewish Family Services (JFS) events.

Zingerman’s Community of Business (ZCOB) came to the Amster Center requesting help developing material to enhance their own internal diversity and cultural sensitivity training program for staff.

The Amster Center designed and delivered two customized training sessions for Zingerman’s staff in the area of cultural sensitivity, followed by a third session in which we consulted Zingerman’s leadership as they created their own in-house program. 

“It’s as though they’re an unofficial branch of our organization.” – Robby Griswold, Community Partnerships Coordinator and Diversity & Inclusion Chair, Zingerman’s Community of Businesses

Leon Speakers became our valued Corporate Partner in 2014. Initially reaching out to our parent organization, Jewish Family Services (JFS), to make a donation to the agency’s annual Bernstein Event, when founder Noah Kaplan became aware of the multitude of opportunities available to Corporate Partners, he quickly decided to join the program. After collaborating with Leon’s Engagement Committee, the Amster Center designed and delivered a three-part series, on stress management, to Leon’s entire company.

In 2014, The Bank of Ann Arbor implemented a company-wide Wellness Program and complimented the offering with customized curriculum, via Amster Center training sessions, for all Bank employees.

The Amster Center continues to be the bank’s trusted providor of prfessional trainings.


The Amster Center’s mindfulness instructor delivered our “Introduction to Mindfulness” training to over 100 Jiffy employees, ranging from executive staff to factory line workers and stretching over seven sessions to cover all hourly work shifts, and the results were overwhelming:

Jiffy employees provided feedback indicating that they value mindfulness and found these skills extremely useful to being more present and productive in both their professional and personal lives. Our trainer introduced the concept of Mindfulness, taught participants how a mindfulness practice can benefit both mental and physical health, thereby improving quality of life, and introduced simple mindful meditation exercises.

What our clients are saying...

“We are known for great service. And we are working with the Amster Center to develop training that will more clearly lay out for our staff members, culturally competent, great service for the community.”

Robbie Griswold, Community Partnerships Coordinator and Diversity
Zingerman’s Community of Businesses

What our clients are saying...

“In 2014, we started with a training on taking time to fully appreciate and take in the moment. That was the most valuable part of the program for me.”

BoAA employee at Mindfulness training
Bank of Ann Arbor

What our clients are saying...

“I’ve been teaching the new curriculum for two months now and people are hungry for it; asking ‘when’s the next one!? and it’s thanks to the Amster Center for imparting their tremendous amount of knowledge and cultural competence into the class so we can teach a much more impactful tool to our people”

Robby Griswold, Community Partnerships Coordinator and Diversity
Zingerman’s Community of Businesses

What our clients are saying...

“Having access to someone who knows the availability of services was extremely valuable to me.”

BoAA trainee at Caregiving training
Bank of Ann Arbor

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