Our four-part course in Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive. The field is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives; to cultivate what is best within them; and to enhance their experiences of love, work and play.

The concern of conventional psychology has long been the study of human problems and while that approach is understandable and necessary, positive psychology complements this work by focusing on studying and promoting human potential.

About the Positive Psychology courses

Below, you’ll find key information about our four-part series on positive psychology. To book a course in the series, please contact us.

Introduction to Positive Psychology

Our one-hour-long Introduction to Positive Psychology class will introduce attendees to the basics of positive psychology, including practical exercises to boost positive emotions.

The class includes free resources for use in further study.

Suggested format: A one-hour course, as part of a series with four one-hour courses, in conjunction with Identifying and Maximizing Individual Strengths.

Identifying and Maximizing Individual Strengths

Part two of the Positive Psychology Series, Identifying and Maximizing Individual Strengths, comprises two of the four courses in this series. It looks at each participants unique constellation of character strengths.

For this course, participants complete the VIA Classification of Character Strengths survey in advance. Their survey results provide specific information that enables participants to more strategically approach personal and professional challenges and opportunities by playing to their identified strengths.

This course is particularly beneficial for supervisors and leaders, for whom it’s important to understand the strengths of team members. Research shows that two of the most important predictors of employee retention and customer satisfaction are reporting to use “signature strengths” at work and reporting management recognizes one’s strengths.

Understanding character strengths can produce positive effects, enhancing productivity and a sense of authenticity in personal and professional life.

Suggested Format: A two-hour (two-part) course, enabling hands-on applications, including identifying your team’s strengths (and areas for growth), cultivating strengths, and using strengths in challenges.


The final topic of this four-part series addresses resilience, a core concept in Positive Psychology. Cultivating resilience, the ability to succeed and bounce back when coping with challenge or adversity, is universally regarded as an important quality for professionals.

Resilient employees better manage stress, bring a level of authenticity to their work, have shown to be more flexible and inspired, and manage change in a more productive way than less resilient employees.

Our trainer will teach participants the tools and exercises required to enhance and cultivate resilience.

Suggested Format: A one-hour course, providing the science and background behind what makes resilient people so productive and efficient.

Take part in the series

If you’d like to offer one or more of the courses above, please contact us. We’ll get back to you with further details.

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