Retirement Income Solutions has long been a supporter of Jewish Family Services, having sponsored the agency’s annual fundraising gala since 2007. In 2014, RIS and The Herb Amster Center took the relationship to a new level by joining as corporate partners. Working with JFS’ training staff, RIS’s Managing Partner Karen Chapell chose an interesting take on the Center’s training programs; instead of training her own staff, she chose to provide training to her company’s clients. Because a significant number of RIS’s clients are of retirement age, Karen and JFS planned an evening seminar that touched on various aspects of aging, including housing and transportation considerations. JFS’ facilitator addressed decisions faced by both caregivers and older adults about when and how to downsize, the types of older adult housing, and the economic impact of moving to a retirement community. The seminar was well-attended, and provided RIS with a way to stay connected with its client base between planning meetings. The decision to use the training sessions to which RIS was entitled through their corporate partnership to train their own clients is an example of the diverse ways The Herb Amster Center can strengthen and enhance the operations of its partner businesses.