Zingerman’s Community of BusinessES

“I’ve been teaching the new curriculum for two months now and people are hungry for it; asking ‘when’s the next one!? and it’s thanks to the Amster Center for imparting their tremendous amount of knowledge and cultural competence into the class so we can teach a much more impactful tool to our people” –Robbie Griswold, Community Partnerships Coordinator and Diversity

Zingerman’s Community of Businesses came to the Amster Center requesting help developing material to enhance their own internal diversity and cultural sensitivity training program for staff. Having designed and delivered two customized trainings for Zingerman’s Staff in the area of cultural sensitivity, the Amster Center continues to be a trusted partner as Zingerman’s proactive recruits towards, and serves, a culture that’s more inclusive.

“We are known for great service. And we are working with the Amster Center to develop training that will more clearly lay out for our staff members, culturally competent, great service for the community.” Robbie Griswold

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